Cameroon Presidential Elections 2018: RESULTS AND ANALYSIS


Cameroon Presidential Elections 2018: RESULTS AND ANALYSIS


Law N°2012/1 of 19 April 2012 relating to the Electoral Code, amongst other provisions, Lays down the Following:

  1. Provisions specific to the body responsible for the organization, management and supervision of all elections and referendum oper ations;
  2. Common provisions governing the election of the President of the Republic, Members of Parliament and Municipal Councillors and to Referendums; and
  3. Provisions specific to the vacancy of and election to the Presidency of the Republic.


Bys. 69 Electoral Code, a National Commissionforthe Final Count- ing of Votes (NCFCV) established under s. 68 of the Electoral Code must carry out the final counting of votes, on the basis of reports and appended documents submitted by Divisional Supervisory Commissions. The NCF- CV is obliged to correct any clerical errors in the counting of votes. NCF- CV must not cancel the corresponding reports. The final counting of votes is a public event and takes place at the Constitutional Council. At the end of vote counting, NCFCV draws up a report on all its operations. The re- ports must be signed by the Chairperson and each Commissioner pres- ent. A copy of each signed report must be given to each signatory member and, along with appended documents forwarded within 5 (five) days to the Constitutional Council.


During the period 18 December 2013 to 1 November 2016 “Relevant Period”, the Care Quality Commission (CQC), health and social care regulator for England completed 1,789,432 care quality assessments (“CQC Assessments”) in 24782 regulated health and social care locations (“Locations”), averaging 137,648 assessments per month.

The CQC care quality data on ratings (outstanding, good, requires improvement and inadequate) for each of CQC inspection’s five key question areas (safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led) for 5495 primary medical service locations for the Relevant Period was analysed and used to rank locations on the quality of health and social care they offered.


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