Léopold Nzeusseu D.

ITS, Analyst, Consultant

Léopold Nzeusseu is a computer scientist and analyst of information systems. He began his career at the Television Unit, now CRTV (Cameroon Radio Television), which he left 12 years after its creation as a researcher (responsible for technological innovation and audience analysis), looking for new challenges. He served in SOS-KDI’s Regional Office for Central and West Africa (SOS-Kinderdorf International) as Communication and Information Officer. He was the Executive Director of TI-C (Transparency International – Cameroon), the organization that produced the NIS Country Study (National Integrity System), which was used by CONAC for the development of the national strategy for fighting against corruption (SNLCC). In his tenure at TI-C, he was able to train on advocacy, leadership, and APRM mechanisms at the South Africa Institute for International Affairs (SAIIA) in South Africa. Successive trips to 20 African countries have enabled him to refine his political culture, to realize the immense privilege enjoyed by the African continent and to expand his skills. This inspired him to write the book Afrocracy (in French and English), which is a systemic reading of our issues. Passionate about languages, martial arts, calligraphy and Chinese culture, he has written a series of textbooks for learning the Chinese language for Africans (French and English) at Eclectix.
At the same time, he has developed about twenty management software programs covering fields as varied as school, medical, telecom, human resources (in its rational and irrational aspects), personal development, and even the management of elections.
As a consultant, he is involved in strategic intelligence, capacity building, as well as in advocacy techniques and leadership.


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