Chu Chiy Mildred

Specialised in developmental anthropology

Chu Chiy Mildred Sih is a student currently studying in the University ofYaoundè 1. She is pursuing her master’s degree under this institution in an anthropological field specialsed in developmental anthropology. Mildred has a degree from the University of Buea in The fields of sociology and anthropology with a minor in Women and Gender studies. Mildred is particularly interested in women, children and the vulnerable; she exercises this passion in a developmental context through the thesis she is currently working on; “Trafficking in Persons in Cameroon. An anthropological Perspective on the prevalence of Child Trafficking in the North West Region Bamenda”.  This is also in line with what she had at the undergraduate level; “Children into Hawking in Cameroon. The case of Buea”.

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