Blog Post Ideas and Eliminating Writer’s Block.

As writers and authors we are all familiar with the dreaded writer’s block at some stage. Whether it’s a novel manuscript or a blog post, sometimes the blog post ideas gush out like a busted fire hydrant and every now and then you find your head buried in your hands with a complete mental blank.

Since I’ve been blogging, about two and a half years now, I’ve managed to keep the blog writer’s block at bay. I’ve managed to do this by keeping a ‘blog ideas list’. I have an A4 sized notepad which I use to write down all my blog post ideas when they come to me. When the time comes, you’re not scratching your head about what to write, but simply pick from the list according to your blog schedule or whatever inspires you at the time.

Most of my ideas come primarily from working with clients. I also get ideas from reading industry and news blogs, following trends and trial and error testing new processes. I find jotting these ideas down either in my ideas pad or on my iPhone using the Evernote app is the easiest. I highly recommend the Evernote app by the way. Some people have mentioned they prefer to use an audio recorder and then simply upload and transcribe those ideas into posts.

But what if you get stuck with coming up with the actual ideas? Here’s a list of blog post ideas to help you write your next blog post.

Elaborate on an excerpt or key point from your book

This can work for both non-fiction and fiction authors. Simply look through your book and find key points or story aspects you can flesh out in more detail with a blog post. Can you expand your idea over a couple of blog articles? If you’re a fiction author you can do further character or world building. Take a place, time or character from your story and flesh out more background information behind that aspect of your story.

Share a new experience you had

Have you recently visited a new city or country? Did you finally conquer a fear you’ve had since childhood? Have you tried a new gourmet cuisine which you loved and will attempt to cook yourself? Perhaps you had a strange encounter with someone that opened your eyes to something, how did it change you?

Provide a new perspective to industry news or a world event

What’s happening in the world today? How does it affect everyone? Can you draw a parallel with the current event and an event in your story, such as the Lord of the Rings and the old world wars.

Review a book or movie you recently saw

This can be a great way to get additional story and blog ideas in itself, as you can make notes while reading through the book or straight after the movie. How has it affected you? What’s a great takeaway lesson you could share with your readers? This could open up to some great discussion in your blog comments with those who also have books and movies to share.

Create a tutorial or guide for how to do something

Provide a great strategy for something. Perhaps you have some experience or insight to offer with a particular hobby or interest. Perhaps you can write an update for a new way of doing something, that has perhaps changed since you wrote your book.

Supplementary book material

What other information or bonuses can you provide that complement your book. Provide some activities or checklists that can accompany a chapter in your book, in which people can access from your authors websites.

I thought I’d also mention that you can mix it up by providing your content by mixing up the delivery method, such as audio and video. Some topics or articles might lend better to a video post, than a written one.

This list should help you spark some blog post ideas. Be sure to have a notepad or voice recorder you can keep handy. Whichever method makes it as easy and convenient as possible for you to keep those ideas flowing.

Bonus tip: Print this article out and slip it into your notepad as a writers block help sheet for quick reference in future.

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