Secure Your Publishing Future by Maintaining Freedom and Flexibility

Maintaining control of your publishing assets and content is a major part of our core philosophy here at Book Cover Cafe.

You’ve heard me talk about this on the blog, in newsletters and live events.

I believe one of the greatest assets to any author now and in the future, will be ‘freedom and flexibility, having the control over your platform, books and intellectual property to take full advantage of opportunities that will arise.

Let’s use an example. One of those opportunities just around the corner is enhanced multimedia e-books.

This includes e-books with embedded video, audio and interactive elements. You can find e-books that have these features sparingly sold online, but this will become more commonplace as our methods of consuming content become more immediate and sporadic.

A Nielsen report showed that 88 percent of tablet owners use their devices while watching TV. This shows that a staggering amount of people are dividing their attention between multiple screens.

The takeaway here is that e-books will rapidly evolve into multimedia experiences that are more tuned to the consumer habits of today and into the future. It’s a trend that will continue and authors will need to embrace this trend to keep their books and content relevant and interesting to consumers.

This also means authors will be forced to become more open minded about how they’ll deliver their stories and content to consumers. Books will evolve from simple page turning to an entertainment experience.

Some authors will begrudge these trends in favour of nostalgia and the reading habits of yesteryear. Their platforms, books and author brands will suffer.

The authors that don’t have the control to change direction or capitalise on this opportunity are also at risk of being left behind, with their readers favouring books that provide a more holistic entertaining experience.

Those who’ll suffer

Authors that have published through vanity publishers or small outfits that have binding contracts with their authors will be on the front line to miss opportunity. They’ll be at the mercy of the slow, narrow-minded businesses who don’t have the foresight or resources to help their authors stay current.

Do you know anyone in this unfortunate position?

By independently publishing you hold on to your ‘freedom and flexibility‘, which will allow you to take advantage of better royalties and how your book is available today. This will place you in the best position to captialise on new opportunities that are just around the corner.

Get ready.

Article from Anthony

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