Émilienne RIM A KEDI, MSc

Law Specialist, Consultant, Human Rights Specialist

Emilienne RIM A KEDI is a lawyer / consultant specialized in human rights. She is the founder of the information and legal research law firm (CIRJ).
After obtaining a Master’s degree in public law, at UPMF – Grenoble, Emilienne RIM A KEDI obtained a complementary diploma in the field of human rights with a specialization in economic, social and cultural rights. This diploma was awarded by the UNESCO Chair.
Emilienne RIM A KEDI has strengthened her skills by obtaining a certificate Eduqua, issued by the University of Media and Human Rights in Geneva (Switzerland), special session on women’s rights.
Emilienne RIM A KEDI collaborated with French and Swiss NGOs (NGO Raddho, DOCIP, etc …); she represented these NGOs within the UN (oral statements, written reports, writing reports, synopses, articles, organization and intervention in side-events…). Currently and since 2012, Emilienne RIM A KEDI represents the NGO Drépavie at the UN as a volunteer.

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